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   Utilizing State of the Art Wire EDMs from AGIE in our climate controlled facility, we are capable of maintaining  tolerances within +/- .0001 and accurate tapers up to 30 degrees. To maintain these accuracies, every single   variable in the EDM process from job preparation to water quality is strictly controlled. There are no short cuts to  quality.


Wire EDM machines allow us to produce parts that could not be made with conventional maching methods. We  use  the latest automated AGIE Wire technology to produce work with .003" diameter wire which enables us to achieve  extremely tight tolerances, superior surface finishes and exact repeatability.



The new AGIECUT PROGRESS V3 is the latest  addition to Protechinique's line-up of Wire EDM machines.   It features an increased 16"  Z height travel which allows for wire cutting of much larger jobs than a conventional machine. It also has .003" wire capability.







Protechnique  also utilizes two AGIECUT PROGRESS V2  and  the  AGIECUT CHALLENGE.





 All of our AGIE Wire EDM Machines provide:

  •  -30 degree taper cutting capabilities
  •  -Auto threading for unattended operation
  •  -Submerged Machining
  •  -.2Ra Surface finish capability
  •  -Wire diameters from .003" to .012" 



Protechnique meets the most demanding EDM specifications for a wide variety of conductive materials such as aluminum, steel, copper, tungsten-carbide, graphite as well as exotic metals such as titanium and molybdenum


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